ILDSA Swim Record

Solo swim by Sian Clement (GB-WAL)

Saturday 27 May 2023

Classic Galway Bay (Aughinish/Blackrock) - 1 way.

This route is categorised as a Point A to Point B swim.

Between Aughinish Co.Clare and the Blackrock Diving Tower at Salthill in Galway. While this is only one of several routes in Galway Bay, this is the only route considered for the Irish Triple Crown.

Route distance 10.5km

Started at (53° 10.092 N, 9° 3.954 W) at 10:02,
finished at Diving Tower, Salthill, Co. Galway (53° 15.432 N, 9° 5.472 W) at 13:08

Swim time 03:08:34

This swim has been RATIFIED by the ILDSA

Observer(s)Marie Watson

Pilot(s)Nathan Timmins

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