ILDSA Swim Record

Solo swim by Dina Levačić (CRO)

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Classic Fastnet (Fastnet/Baltimore) - 1 way.

This route is categorised as a Point A to Point B swim.

Between Fastnet Rock and Baltimore Harbour, Co Cork. This is the most common route for swims to or from Fastnet, and is the only route considered for the Irish Triple Crown.

Route distance 20.5km

Started at Baltimore Harbour Pier Slipway. Swimmer walked waist deep in water and started to swim. (51° 29.167 N, 9° 22.3 W) at 9:12,
finished at Fastnet Rock. Swimmer touched the rock at the steps. Calm sea, few sailing boats and rigs around. Calm sunny day (51° 23.32 N, 9° 36.057 W) at 14:41

Swim time 05:29:29

This swim has been RATIFIED by the ILDSA


Pilot(s)Nathan Timmis

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