ILDSA Swim Record

Irish Sea (Holyhead/Dublin)

This route is categorised as a Point A to Point B swim.
Between Holyhead, Wales and Dublin, Ireland

Route distance - 108 km

Relay swim by Team Gavin Glynn Irish Sea Relay

Swimmers : Ger Kennedy, Richard Dunne, Ger Devin, Anna McCarthy, Dee Newell, Garreth McCarthy

Tuesday 17 September 2019

1 way. Starting at Holyhead (53°20'26.4"N 4°40'22.2"W), ending at Dublin (53°21'10.8"N 6°02'57.6"W)

Swim time 38:52:41

Observer(s)Ian Conroy
Milo McCourt

Pilot(s)Pádraig Mallon
Nicky Donnelly
Tony McGregor
Eugene Power

This swim has been ratified by ILDSA

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