ILDSA Swim Record

Classic Fastnet

This route is categorised as a Point A to Point B swim.
Between Fastnet Rock and Baltimore Harbour, Co Cork. This is the most common route for swims to or from Fastnet, and is the only route considered for the Irish Triple Crown.

Route distance - 20.5 km

Solo swim by Grainne Moss (nee Gunn)

Friday 05 August 2022

1 way. Starting at Fastnet Lighthouse (51°23'20.0"N 9°36'13.0"W), ending at Baltimore (51°29'00.9"N 9°22'27.9"W)

Swim time 06:04:23

Observer(s)Nathan Timmins

Pilot(s)Kieran Collins

This swim has been ratified by ILDSA

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