ILDSA Swim Record

Sandycove - Garylucas via Old Head

This route is categorised as a Multipoint swim.
Slipway Sandycove east around Sandycove Island via the Old Head of Kinsale to Garylucas Beach, Co. Cork. Start Co-ordinates: 51° 40.313’ N 008° 31.435’ W Via: 51° 40.615' N 008° 30.859' W Via: 51° 36.215' N 008° 32.024' W Finish Co-ordinates: 51° 38.661' N 008° 34.864' W

Route distance - 14.9 km

Solo swim by Denise Ganly

Saturday 27 August 2022

1 way. Starting at Sandycove (51°40'37.2"N 8°31'26.2"W); turn at Old Head of Kinsale (51°36'13.1"N 8°32'05.0"W), ending at Garylucas Beach (51°38'27.0"N 8°33'56.8"W)

Swim time 06:30:40

Observer(s)Sean Hunt

This swim has been ratified by ILDSA

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