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The ILDSA AGM 1st December  2019 12:00-14:00 

This is for open water swimmers who want to make a difference to the Open Water Community throughout Ireland.   You are not required to be a member of the ILDSA to attend the AGM.

The proposed ILDSA vision

The vision for the Irish Long Distance swimming Association in 2020 will include:

1. To research the history of open water swimming in Ireland making a database available online of completed swims.

There will be a team tasked to complete the research in each region.  This information will then be published on the ILDSA website and will constantly grow, beginning with 25K plus swims and then 15K swims etc as and when we feel we have most of the history collected.

2. To be involved in open water swimming throughout Ireland by ratifying any adventures swims that meet ILDSA rules.

3. To help develop a framework for Open Water Race organisers and swimmers to use to organise swimming events.

In this ever demanding world of insurance we will help improve risk assessments, method statements, emergency action plans and have best practice information available which will help to reduce insurance costs as well as offer  advice on insurance companies which are the most competitive in the market.

The ILDSA committee will have other important developments for the long established ratification of the North channel Marathon Down and as host for the Lough Erne events.

Meetings of the ILDSA COMMITTEE

The committee will not be required to host physical meetings. Meetings will be held remotely over the period of 2020 which will allow the ILDSA to encompass regional, national and international membership.
·         Order of the day
·         Previous AGM minutes
·         Presidents report
·         North Channel Report
·         Accounts summary
·         Recorder Report
·         Chairperson's Report

Elections for:
·         Vacant Posts

This is exciting time for the Irish long distance swimming Association. If you feel you have the ability to offer some of your time over 2020 we and the community of open water swimming welcome you and your participation in this growth and development.

I can guarantee a fresh new approach to the role of a committee member.

If you feel you have something to offer and are unable to travel to the AGM we will also offer remote access to anyone who has pre-arranged this so you can be involved.

I look forward to meeting you all beginning a new chapter of open water swimming within Ireland with the ILDSA.

Pádraig Mallon ILDSA 2019 Chairperson

Location Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport