Lisa was the first swimmer from Ireland to complete an over and back English Channel swim 42 miles/68 km swim in 2009 in 35 hours. Amazing it was only her second epic marathon (after Blackcork to Cobh 8.1 miles/13 km in 2008), the first womand and second swimmer ever to complete this before swimming a one-way English Channel.

Following that swim Lisa completed these other marathons: River Lee Dam to County Hall 17.8 miles/2.5 km in 2011, Rosscarbery to Redstrand 7 m/iles/11.3 km (a first ever swim with Ciaran Byrne), Rottnest 12.3 miles/19.75 km in 2014, Around Key West 12.5 miles/20.1 km in 2014, Bestfest Spain 6.2 miles/10 km in 2017

Lisa holds the local Sandycove Island record with a 19 lap 16.8 mile/27 km training swim – through the night in 2009.

She contributed over the years locally as a swim organiser, crew and volunteer including Sandycove Island Swim Club – committee and webmaster and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame - webmaster.