Brian Meharg MBE


Brian has the longest period of service as crew* and pilot for North Channel crossings. Since 1972 he has been part of 64 attempts. His swimmers include many International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductees: Ted Keenan*, Rohan Dattatrey More, Kevin Murphy*, Anna-Carin Nordin, Stephen Redmond and Alison Streeter MBE. As a pilot, Brian’s swimmers set many records while helping to establish the Irish to Scotland route: first female, first relay, first American, first from the Southern Hemisphere and first from India. For the Scotland to Ireland route the records included: first female, first male and first male from Ireland.

Between 1989 and 2009 Brian was the only active pilot. With the increased popularity of the North Channel as part of the Ocean’s Seven other pilots have been added with Brian continuing with up to three solo swimmers each season – more for the experience and enjoyment as opposed to a commercial venture.