Ion Lazarenco Tiron


Ion was the second swimmer from Ireland to complete the Oceans Seven and 8th globally.   He was the 163rd to complete the Triple Crown – now ticking off both of the sport’s great “bucket list” accomplishments.   While a dual national (Moldova and Ireland), Ion’s open water swimming success all happened while living in Bray.
All the above swims were accomplished in less than 41 months: 9/2014 to 1/2018:  English Channel 13 hours and 34 minutes, Catalina Channel 11 hours and 1 minute, Manhattan 7 hours and 55 minutes, North Channel 16 hours and 24 minutes, Molokai Channel 18 hours and 11 minutes, Cook Strait 11 hours and 5 minutes, Tsugaru Channel 11 hours and 20 minutes and Strait of Gibraltar 4 hours and 41.
Ion also completed the famous fresh water Lake Zurich 9 hours and 9 minutes, the 25-km swim from Bray to Wicklow, an ice mile and pioneered a 235-km staged swim “Unites Moldova” River Nistru in Moldova
He has used his swimming to raise the profile of peace and kindness around the world and is active in raising money for Moldovan charities.  Created the Charity Sports Unites which gets children off the streets and integrate them in to sports, like swimming, football, etc. In 2016 they opened the first artificial sports ground.