Ned Denison


Ned Denison is Ireland’s most prolific marathon swimmers with 47 epic marathon swims (8 were first ever solos and only 4 were done more than once).   
His 25 km and above solos include:  
Triple Crown:  English Channel, Manhattan and Catalina Channel (8 hours and 50 minutes – at the end of 2016 the 31st fastest of all 413 swims).
Around Jersey (54 km), Formentura to SE end of Ibiza (30 km), Kalamata (30 km), Lake Memphremagog (25 km), Jersey to France (26.4 km) and Menorca Channel race (25 km).
Ned holds or held the following speed records:
S.C.A.R. (4 marathons in 4 days:  66.9 km) - Fastest male set in 2013
Cold Half - Hong Kong (15 km) set record in 2014 and broke it in 2017 
Lake Zurich (26.4 km) male 50+ record holder since 2008
4-way Strait of Messina (12.9 km) 
Santa Barbara Channel (31 km)) 10 hours and 27 minutes (Record holder 9-2006 to 9-2012)
Notable Swims in Ireland:
Cork to Cobh Ireland (16 km) – three times, Inishbofin, Galway, Rathlin Island and Champion of Champions (8 km, 4.8 km then 1.6 km) Sandycove Island 2008 1st 2009 2nd Broadstrand 2014 1st 2015 2nd.
Two (first ever) swims in Ireland - accredited by the ILDSA: Around the Great Island – Cobh (25.7 km) and Around Valentia Island (25.7 km) with water temperatures 12.2 - 13.8 degrees C.
First Ever and Notable Swims outside of Ireland:
First group of soloers to ever swim:  Ile du Levant via Cap-Blance to Hyéres (24km), Anti-Clockwise Around Anacapa (16 km) and St Joseph’s Island - part of Devil’s Island Prison (12.8 km),
Rottnest (9.75 km), Strait of Gibraltar (14.4 km), Robben Island, Around Robben Island (11 km) and Boston Light (/12.9 km).
False Bay – South Africa (34 km) 11 hours and 5 minutes – 5th soloer in 400 square miles of water with 200 Great White Sharks.
Ned is already in the Ireland Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as an Administrator.