In July 2015, Dublin-based visual artist and swimmer Vanessa Daws completed a solo swim from Low Rock, Malahide to Lambay Island. But as she says in her accompanying write-up of the swim “A solo swim is never solo”.

I had invited 12 people from the world of science, art and swimming to accompany me as support crew on this expedition and to respond to the swim as they would in their professional activities. These responses were discussed at an event after the swim used as source for a future work and publication. This swim had been dreamt of since the 1st Lambay Swim, a relay swim journey with the sea swimming community from Malahide in 2014 as part of the Artist in the Community Award.

Download PDF of Vanessa’s write-up of the swim

The details of Vanessa’s swim, including a gallery of photographs, can be seen in the ILDSA Swim Record