ILDSA North Channel Pilot Escort

All Pilots, Vessel Owners and Managing Agents are in no way commercially linked to the ILDSA.

The choice is yours in who you swim with and their availability to enter into contract with you.

The fee you pay to your chosen Pilot and Vessel Owner / Managing Agent is a matter for private negotiation between you and them.

As a reminder – on all occasions the Pilot is in overall control and has final say during the swim.

ILDSA North Channel Observer

The fees paid to the ILDSA cover the costs to provide you with an independent ratification that you have completed your swim within the ILDSA North Channel rules. ILDSA provide and organise an official ILDSA North Channel observer who will be on board for your entire journey to record your progress during your swim completing an official ILDSA North channel observer’s report for submission to ILDSA when you finish.

Bangor Boat
Bangor BoatBrian Meharg (Pilot)
+44 (0)7510 006000
[email protected]
infinity Channel Swimming
infinity Channel SwimmingPádraig Mallon (Pilot)
+44 (0)7879 413131
[email protected]
Nelson Boats
Nelson BoatsQuinton Nelson (Pilot)
+44 (0)7811 230215
[email protected]