The Original Triple Crown

The Original Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming is a marathon swimming challenge consisting of three historically important swims:

The English Channel Swim

Between England and France. Straight line distance 34km

The Bristol Channel Swim

Between North Devon and Wales. Several routes are considered eligible for the Original Triple Crown – see Notes below.

Bristol Channel Swimming Association

The North Channel Swim

North Channel attempts are only recognised when they start and finish within Admiralty Chart 2198, Southern Part. Ireland – Scotland, or vice versa. Straight-line distance 35km.

History of the North Channel
North Channel swims

Honour Roll

Only solo swimmers are eligible for the Original Triple Crown; there is no equivalent for relay teams.
Several Bristol Channel routes are eligible for the Original Triple Crown.
The ‘classic’ route, pioneered by Kevin Murphy, lies between Glenthorne (Devon) and Porthcawl (Wales). Straight line distance – 27km.
To qualify for the Original Triple Crown, the swim must must start or finish west of the River Ogmore AND ALSO must start/finish in North Devon.
Other routes will be considered as qualifying if the route is continuously swum and the total distance exceeds 27km. Common examples include:
Between Ilfracombe (Devon) and Swansea (Wales). Straight line distance – 40km.
Clevedon (Devon) and Penarth (Wales). Straight line distance – 20km. To qualify for the Original Triple Crown, this would need to be done both ways.